Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

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Dubai, UAE

Things you need to know about Dubai Expo 2020

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This upcoming year is going to be revolutionising for Dubai as it has been selected for the world famous – once in a while – Global Expo. But there are still a lot of things that you need to know before you jump into Dubai Expo 2020. To be honest, there are many intricate details about this mega event that most people are still unaware of. These need to be put out to the world so that all those who are interested in the event can have first hand information pertaining to it. And some of them are described here below, take a good look and decide the largeness of this event.

Info 1: Location of the Expo

Dubai has built a new ‘Dubai South’ solely for the purpose of this Expo. The theme is to connect the future with creative minds and bring innovation to the world, working for the betterment and useful purpose of it.

Info 2: Substantial significance 

After Olympic games and FIFA World Cup, this is going to be the third largest global event which will be conducted for entire six months starting from October 2020 all the way to April 2021. Thus, we can conclude that it is going to be on a large scale.

Info 3: Future of Dubai 

Dubai is connecting with different countries to bring up employments  irrespective of their age, nationality, caste or creed – which means that it wants to bring every religion together, on a single platform where they can work for the betterment of humanity and appreciate the diversity.

Info 4: Preps for the upcoming year

Dubai is largely targeting architecture, technology, innovation, Interior designing, and Industrial as well as agricultural products’ development. These preparations have been happening in 2017 – when Dubai was elected for this event. Get your exhibition stand Design and for more information you can look at here.

Dubai is working on a very large scale for the improvement of economy and country which is surely going to happen after Dubai 2020. And we wholeheartedly wish very, very best of luck to this event as well as Dubai for its efforts to pay off. Once this all is over may it succeed as one of the many successful regions and regain its posture.