January 26, 2022

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Dubai, UAE

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

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In this advancing era of 21st Century, new modernization and advancements keep happening. To contribute to all these pretty advancements, we have compiled a list of cool and unique kitchen gadgets which are making the lives of mankind easier day by day.

These fun little tools will help amateurs achieve master chef results or making work easier for master chefs. They are also used in kitchen dammam.

Bottle Magnets

One of the best ways to save up space is by using ceilings. These magnetic strips sticks to the ceiling of fridge attracting metals, which means now you can save up space by sticking bottles caps to the magnet.


This slicer is made with such precision that it can deliver you exactly what you want. This slicer is a 5 in 1 little tool which can split, pit and slice avocado. It is also mashable which means it is not only useful for avocado but it can also work with potatoes and other substances.

Jar opener

It is such a hardcore work to open jars which are air locked. All of the hacks may have proven to be useless at their stubbornness. But don’t worry as we have found this extremely useful jar opener machine. Through the push of a single button, all your problems will be solved – ok not all, but still one of them have…

Herb scissors

We don’t know about you guys, but cutting herbs has always been such a hateful task. They never cut in equal sizes and some are always escaping eye. To achieve the perfect size and presentation for your salads use this 5 blade scissors.

Magnetic knife holder

Knife holders are not specified to knife but any metal can stick to these magnetic holders. They save up a lot of space as well as it becomes a lot more easier to pick up your favourite knife instead of rummaging through drawers or checking each and every knife from its stand.

Self heating scope

It is no more a hard task to serve ice cream directly through freezer as this heat generating scope claims to channel heat directly from your body through its handle and then serving the scope itself making a lot more easier to squeeze stubborn ice cream out of its tub.

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