December 4, 2023

Do’s and Don’ts of a will

2 min read

Though writing will in UAE is not a very hard task other than scribbling your words on a piece of paper signed by you and your witnesses in presence of each other, but still law firm in UAE suggest that you must appoint someone to teach you to write a will or maybe use a template which can guide you how a will should be structured legally which will make it valid because even if a single word is used the wrong way or maybe some things are not clear, your will can be disregarded. 

If you know all your assets and bequests then it will be pretty simple to state your wishes in your will who the heirs will be. In most cases, people like to appoint their spouses as their heirs but in certain cases, where children are present without any legal guardian then they become the heirs.

If you have a much more complicated list of heirs, like step children or you aren’t yet married to your future life partners then you should contact a proper lawyer to guide through the processes.

The times when you shouldn’t write your own will and appoint a law firm to do that is when you hold property and assets out of your state. When your account holds forgein investments or bank accounts which can not be withdrawn immediately. When you have a share in your business with someone else or maybe you want to leave your business to some special to inherit. Also if you are financially supporting people who are not your immediate family or maybe a third person then the process will be a bit more complicated. If you wish to state some kind of complicated statements which may leave people wondering what you are saying then a lawyer must be present there to clear the misunderstandings.

If you plan on writing your own will then make sure that the will is not very complicated or includes some kind of confusing statements because after you, it will create a lot of problems for your family and the executor of will. Make sure to accurately sign your will with witnesses present there. Also if you have made more than one attempt on writing a will, then destroy all the others.