Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

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How to go for interview?

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Whether you are going to have interview at any company related to sap partners in Dubai or the company that have erp software Dubai, there are some ways to go for interview. 

You cannot go at workplace in your night suit with uncombed hair. You cannot be as blunt as you are in front of interviewer. Ok, it is good to be honest but being formal is also very necessary. 

Unlike people who prefer to look different due to which they opt a wrong track that is neither a smart way nor a way that guarantee job, always opt a way of balance. 

I am not saying to buy an expensive dress or suit for your interview. Wear a simple dress which would look and make you appear presentable. If you are a girl or a women, then wear make-up as well and if you are a guy so work on your hair to look a little WOW. It is important to look presentable because

  1. it will give you energy to present yourself as a confident person who can deal with problems , and 
  2. it will make interviewers to think about you because an employer does not want a workaholic employee. He or she wants a person who can work and interact with his or her fellows. 

Besides this, work on your CV. Do not prepare too showy CV but write everything in such a way that anyone can read it easily and can analyse your personality. Try to write skill and include all experiences in your resume. It will give them better understanding about you.

Furthermore, keep yourself relaxed. Don’t worry about interview and their questions. Don’t get nervous and confuse. Be natural. If you don’t know the answer of any question, then tell them. It would not make you to appear or look stupid. It will show that you are a confident person who is able to accept his or her mistakes in front of anyone without any fear. However, do not be rude and overconfident. Be confident and natural. 

You can even prepare answers of common questions in your mind too at night before interview. It will make you look more confident. Moreover, use your hands and voice tones well while answering. Show yourself the way you are. You don’t need to fake something because they want employees who can be as they are. They don’t want robots.

So, these are few things you should remember while going for interview. Best of luck.