April 18, 2021

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Welcome to the world of furniture cleaning

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Vacuuming your couch and other furniture once a week and deep cleansing the fabric every two weeks should be a part of your routine. It not only saves the time but also one’s efforts. It is no doubt also important to get professional help as well. As they use other ways to cleanse the furniture in depths. You can take help from the team of professional sofa cleaning in Dubai.

How to deep clean a couch

The couch may be used with extra care or even abusively. Therefore, the cleaning also depends on its use. it may be used to eat dinner and also for guests only. There may be stains of oil or dust and dirt stuck in the fiber deep down somewhere. There may be some valuable tops on how to clean a sofa:

Look for the label

You may find tags that show what material the sofa is made up of which makes it easier to decide how it should be cleaned. For example:

S:to be cleaned with a drycleaner detergent

W: this sign shows that the material can be washed using water.

WS:  to be cleaned by a dry cleaner detergent or a light detergent and also with a vacuum.

The cleaning:

Always test a little part of the couch first from an unsuspicious part. Baking soda does a great job in removal of dirt from the material and the cleans all patches of dirt from the depths. The other ways may include some things like a bunch of cleaning cloths and a stiff brush to rub off the hard grains. A pro tip to use the baking soda is to let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes at least. 

If you face some tough stains on your couch than try going in with a steam cleaner which is actually a best remedy for carpets and furniture cleaning it actually removes 97% of stain and dirt and from the ends of the fiber. There are many professional services that offer assistance with deep steam cleaning in Dubai and can make your job easier.

The cushions:

If the cushions tag reads machine washable than it’s the best part they can be removed and washed in the machine easily removing all the oily marks you hand printed while having dinner. Otherwise you can dust them off any time. And try to dry them in the sun so that they disinfected as well.