April 19, 2021

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Dubai, UAE


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Deep cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning the house that is normally performed during daily housekeeping. Deep cleaning is something you don’t do regularly, however, what most people do regularly is regular cleaning. Most of the people clean their house daily by their selves. Deep cleaning cannot be done on a daily basis. It is often done once in 6 months.

Difference between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is done to maintain cleanliness in the house on a daily basis. Regular cleaning often covers things like:

•    Mopping the floors

•    Cleaning bathrooms – sink, mirror, bath and toilet.

•    Tidying up

•    Dusting living room and bedrooms

•    Cleaning the kitchen – wiping the work surface, cupboard doors, etc.

Deep cleaning is very different from regular cleaning in many ways. It is different from spring cleaning or regular cleaning as it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your house making it clean and bacteria free.

It covers areas which are not often covered in regular cleanings, like:

•    Behind the appliances of a kitchen like washing machine, oven, dishwasher, cleaning and the grime that has built up.

•    Under the sink.

•    Inside of the oven including the oven door.

•    Inside the window frames.

•    Both inside and outside of the windows.

•    Washing blinds.

•    Full dusting of the whole house including deep corners.

•    Removal of cobwebs

•    Cleansing of all the tiles like kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.

Dubai Deep Cleaning:

As Dubai is a modern and developed country it provides the best services in any field of life, so in the cleaning of houses. There are many companies available for deep cleaning in Dubai at your service. These companies have professional and trained staff, which you can hire for cleansing of your house for up to 24 hours. Maids are also available for common residents and apartments.

How to Online Book a Cleaning Service:

You can easily book a cleaning service for your home online. Look at this. Below are some points, follow them to easily book an online service:

1.    Contact a website and tell them what kind of service you need.

2.    They will send the right professionals to you that are experienced in the kind of service you need.

3.    Fix the time and day for the deep cleaning and fix the payment.

4.    Now sit back and relax, your booking is confirmed!