Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

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The different elements that you can add in your school

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School is not a place where A B and C are taught. It is a platform; it is a platform where students are groomed. It is a platform where students are taught that how they can live in this world. It is a platform which teaches a person or a student that how they can live successfully in this world and survive in the best way. Thus, school is more than education institute. It is a mini home, it is a home where students are provided with the learning platform, with the learning ground and with the learning stage where they can practice that how they can live in this world, where they can practice that how they can use their skills their talent to control the speed of the world or to run this world.

Unfortunately, today schools are not accomplishing their objective. They are not able to provide that ground, that platform and that friendliness which a student or a child needs to learn to live, to learn to survive, and to learn to get connected with people of this society and this global village. 

However, there are so many ways to make the schools great again but the most effective best way to turn School into a learning ground is to add co-curricular activities. There are so many co-curricular activities which can be added in schools but some of them which are must to add. These must to add activities are:

  1. Sports: Add different sports in schools. A school can add some outdoor and indoor sports to give variety to students. This variety will let them know their talent and give them bigger ground to polish their skills. These learning institutes can bring scrabble, chess, football, cricket or different sports according to the taste of students. 
  2. Dance: According to a survey, conducted in dance class in Dubai, the brain is rewired by music and dance can also bring changes in brain and mind. It means that it will be beneficial to add some classes of dance in schools to make them aware about their culture and improve their memory and cognitive skills. 
  3. Drama: Teachers have found appreciative change in speech of students who used to be the part of drama classes in Dubai. Drama and theatre are the most effective ways to improve speech and language of students. Teachers can prepare students for at least one play in every two months to improve their personality and knowledge about their culture.