Tue. May 26th, 2020

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Dubai, UAE

The importance of office fit outs

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Different kinds of investments occur in Dubai and one of them is that of office fit out – a service offered by a range of interior fit out companies in Dubai. The acquisition of the right approvals is also a part of handling such businesses. For an office fit out Dubai is served as a home but what’s the detail behind that?

A considerable amount of time, money and effort are spent fitting out stores, restaurants and offices to ensure that they reflect the image that their owners want to convey and create a sales-and-run atmosphere. In a building contract, if a fit-out is not completed on time, on the budget and on the required level, the contractor risks being revealed (and likely out of pocket). Given the value of fit-out, the careful consideration given to fit-out contracts is not always granted. We have experience with high-value projects and high level fit that are obtained on the basis of flimy intentions letters and the usual terms of participation of the contractor, which are always skewed to the advantage of the contractor.

That can lead to contracts that may ambiguously, limit or fail to respect the rights that an employer may claim, especially given the considerable amount of money involved, to the employer’s contractual entitlement. In this context, the aim of this paper is to provide a snapshot of certain key issues to be addressed properly by employers in any fit-out contract.

Selecting the contractor is the first step, and it is generally careful for employers to carry out a bid to assess the most attractive project deal, taking account of efficiency, price and expertise issues (i.e. a contractor who knows the building where the fitting is taking place can be particularly worthwhile).

The tender process should be completed quickly, so that the contractor is able to mobilise and place orders for supplies, while the parties responsible for securing required consents and permissions (such as building permits) for the project should be decided carefully.

The degree to be decided by the contractor to conduct the construction is another important matter. In general, technicians are likely to be involved in complex and technical projects, whereas programmers (who may have an own design team) are likely to be responsible for the contractor where design is relatively easy and practical. If the fit is designed and built by the contractor, the contract period is usually quicker.

Fit-outs are often performed in the vicinity of nearby operating enterprises (like malls). It ensures the contractor’s fit-out work should be done so that third parties do not experience disturbance or distress, and in compliance with the landlord / building owner’s conditions (i.e. when the contractor is allowed to do work, noise levels and access from and to the site). View it now for further details.