April 19, 2021

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Dubai, UAE

What to gift your mother on her 40th birthday?

2 min read

A mother is that human being who loves her children the most. No one can love like her in this world to them. Their affection is emplery. That’s the reaon why children and adults are always planning to surprise them with something different on her birthdays. 

40th birthday is the special birthday but it is the age of 40 where a person started to feel old and weak. Thus to make this year and birthday happier, you, children, can do a lot of things. You can either plan a day for outing or take an off to spend a day with her. But if you want to something different than this, then scroll down and read more!

  1. Breakfast and cake cutting: You can plan to have a breakfast at any café. To make it more memorable, you can prepare her favourite breakfast and cake by yourself and go with all stuff to her home early. Your sudden arrival at 7am will surprise her and please her the most. In breakfast, you can make pancakes or sandwich cakes with blueberry sauce. You can even prepare muffin, waffles, Granola or Skillet eggs or oats. Try to make it little royal. Prepare chocolate or strawberry cake. 
  2. Shopping: If your mother loves shopping, then go for shopping with her. Buy a gift for her. You can purchase either a dress for her or any gadget which she loves. You can even pick earning or any other piece of jewellery to make something different. While shopping, you can have lunch and cake cutting at any café to make the day worthy to remember. If you want to buy something really different, then buy a frame for her or read below.
  3. Emotion-riding gifts: If you want to make her really happy, then pick something which is connected to her heart. You can make a playlist of her favourite songs which have some connection to her past. You can even make a playlist or collection of her movies’ favourite scenes which you two can watch together. You can also make a photo album that consist of pictures of past to overwhelm her. 
  4. Sunset: If she loves nature, then drive a car to her house, pick her and go at any spot where she can see the most beautiful sunset. You can even take a cake with you which you can open to drop her jaws instantly. 
  5. Salon: If your mother loves makeover, then take her hair salon in JLT and give her a new look!