Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

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What you need to know while crossing roads

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No doubt, drivers should use a parking guidance system and contact Al shirawi group at the time of help, but it is also the responsibility of pedestrians to be careful while crossing roads. They should have knowledge about roads and traffic rules. Their lack of knowledge can bring lots of hurdles. 

So, dear pedestrians it is not difficult to cross roads but there are few rules of it. 

Some of them are:

  1. Traffic rules: Traffic rules are core of it. You should know the colours of it and what each of them is meant. Red colour is meant that pedestrians can cross the roads and drivers and cars are required to stop their cars for a moment. Similarly, yellow colour signals that drivers should prepare their cars to start again and green light signals to start driving again. During yellow light and green light, pedestrians are recommended to stay on footpath and wait for red light. These rules are made to ensure that people are protected on roads. 
  2. Children and adults: If there are old people or children on footpath with you then help them to cross roads because children are excited too much and old people need assistance because of their age. Your help can save them from danger. Hold their hands while crossing roads and hold it when they try to step on road during green light because they might need your helping hand.
  3. Use footpath: Always stand on footpath when cars are moving. It will save you from accidents and fine. Footpaths are the safest area for pedestrians because none of the vehicle is allowed to be parked or moved on it. 
  4. Be alert: Try to be vigilant and alert when you are on road because at many times,  you don’t know, there can be a robber or kidnapper besides you. Try to keep pepper spray and extra scarf to spray it and tangle their neck to ensure protection. 
  5. No wrapper: Don’t throw wrappers or anything while crossing road or standing on footpath. It will be problematic for drivers, then and you will be given fine to pay, in return which will reduce your wallet. So, if you are hand to mouth, then be careful.

So, these are few rules for pedestrians to follow. Traffic rules and code of conduct of crossing roads is very important to follow because their application can save thousands of lives from accident. These rules guarantee safety and protection. So, follow them and be secure on roads.