October 27, 2020

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Dubai, UAE

Treatments to consider for depression

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Depression is one of the prevalent diseases even tiny children of age like 8 to 10 years are experiencing this. Mental health is as compulsory as the physical health and to make people aware about this disease, centre of psychiatry in Dubai is performing its role by keeping people conscious through diverse channels. The major thing is to make people conscious that going to a counselor is as general as going to a general physician. Even today, in 19th century some people take it as a forbidden thing and avoid going to take sessions for depression treatment in Dubai. This consciousness is vital because if people are not aware about it then they will not be settled to talk about it and take treatment. There are several treatments which can be taken according to the situation of the patient. Some of them are as follows:

In behavior therapy to conquer depression counselors try to realize the behavior of the patient and through different procedures they try to make the person change his/her behavior because it is essential to take them out of their depression.

In cognitive therapy to conquer depression counselor try to research about the thoughts of the patient because when a person thinks he is sad then it will make him sad. Counselor tries to change their thinking and make the patient understand that his emotions and thoughts should not manage him but he has to manage them in order to live a healthy life.

Solution Focus therapy to conquer depression is a process to look for the solution and talk less about the past which root this illness. Counselor help patient about exploring his hidden talent and then motivate him to learn and achieve something new rather than just sit and think about past.

Most of the time people go into the state of depression because of failed relationships. In interpersonal therapy not only the patient but their close relations are also counseled to deep excavate the cause and then find a comparative treatment.

All these therapies should go hand in hand to get enhanced results which will drag the patient out of their deep sinking state towards a normal contented life. Mental strength is vital for everyone not for their own welfare but for the welfare of their relatives.