August 12, 2022

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Dubai, UAE

Best Birthday Party Games

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If you are a mom then you can relate with many others out there that how much of a stress it is to plan a birthday party for you dear kids, but something harder than that is, keeping the kids entertained. Yes, once the decor is done and cake is distributed, kids are going to start to wreck the place in order to keep themselves entertained – unless you plan something for them.

We have compiled a list of fun activities especially extracted from top nurseries in Dubai that children can do at a birthday party and not get bored at all.

Bubble wrap walk

This game is somewhat similar to a ramp walk but the rules are different. Gather all the children above the age of 3 and ask them to walk on a large platform which is covered with bubble wrap. The catch is, the kids have to walk on the wrap-ramp without popping any bubbles. The kid who manages to cross the whole path without any popping sounds, wins the game. All the kids are going to love this new and awesome game and in the end, they all can peacefully burst the bubbles.

Scavenger Hunt

A good old scavenger hunt is going to be best for kids of all ages and this game can be played indoors as well as outdoors. For children of younger age like 3 or so years, you can hand them picture clues which indicates the things that needs to be found and with each clue, drop a chocolate for extra fun. On the other hand, for older kids, you can make the hunt a bit more mysterious and level up the game with difficult clues which will be fun to solve.

Balloon Dare

There is no play based learning center akoya decor complete without balloons, so why not use them into something useful? Kids will be asked to keep the balloons floating in the air and whoever fails to do so, will be asked to pop the balloon. But the game does not end there. These balloons will then be asked to pop and a chit will fall out. These chits must contain fun and creative dares such as jumping as high as the kids can or balancing a stack of books on their heads.